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Training Programs

There are numerous ways in which we can assist the individual and the team in creating improved play and eventual dominant play.

Standardized Training Sessions – Our standardized sessions are scheduled programs and open to any participants. Our standardized training sessions basically have three primary components: Warmup/Stretching; Focused Drills/Instruction; and Small Sided Games to implement the Instruction in a Tactical Situation. 
Ball Control – If you cannot control the ball, you cannot contribute. This is the #1 skill all soccer players must possess. It is so important that our training firm is named Touch on The Ball because we feel so strongly that this is the key to success in soccer. Ball control does not just mean dribbling skills. Ball control includes dribbling skills, but also includes passing, receiving, first touch, striking the ball properly, heading, juggling, moves, etc… If your body is touching the ball, ball control is involved.

Attacking and Defending – At the heart of Attacking is trying to score and at the heart of Defending is trying to prevent a score. However, there is so much more involved when it comes to Attacking and Defending. Remember, every player on the field is a Defender and every player is an Attacker. Therefore, it is absolutely critical for every player to possess the skills necessary to work effectively as an Attacker and Defender. Some of the specific skills taught are 1v1 moves, 1v1 defense, shot placement, individual defending, 1st defender, 2nd defender, combination plays and both attacking and defensive advanced strategies

Speed School – Speed is one of the first areas that people notice with players especially when it comes to evaluations during tryouts. Therefore, it is important that all players possess the basic fundamentals when it comes to proper running technique so as to ensure that you as a player are running at your absolute capacity speed. However, Speed School goes beyond just proper running form. We want to make sure that players are FAST players. They must have a quick first step, they must have great lateral speed, they must be able to change directions rapidly and they must be able to combine all of this with the proper technique while doing it with the ball at their feet.

Soccer Camp – This is our overall generalized camp where participants will receive some training in all areas. There is no specific emphasis as in the above camps but they will get a well rounded training session encompassing all of the above technical and tactical skills.
Customized Training The Personalized Training Sessions are built for the individual or small group with no more than 4 participants. This allows for greater attention as well as personalized training development. If there is a specific area that you want to focus on, personalized training may be the right program for you. All of these sessions include an initial discussion so as to develop the customized training sessions.

This Customized Training is the only training that is eligible for our guaranteed improvement pledge (see below for details).

Team Training Team Training allows us to work with a team regarding specific areas of need for that particular team. We will meet with the coach of the team to determine their specific needs and develop a training program to ensure that our training addresses exactly what the coach wants addressed. The Team Training Program can be one session, multiple sessions or last an entire season. Some specific topics that we may focus on are
Combination Play
Set Plays (Corners, Free Kicks, etc…)
Team/Game Analysis Very similar to our Team Training Program is our Team/Game Analysis. We will come in and evaluate a team based on a single game or several games that we observe. We will provide a report detailing some specific statistics as well as our overall observations of the team. Additionally, a list of particular areas that can be improved will be provided along with a list of specific drills to focus on so as to work on the areas of improvement that were identified. We can also come in and evaluate the team based on observing several training sessions. This is a great way to improve the quality of your training structure as well as a way for us to evaluate your players and identify areas of weakness and provide drills to overcome these weak areas.

Our Guarantee: If you follow our customized individual/small group training program completely, we guarantee you will achieve improved play. However, you must actually follow our program and all of our recommendations. If you do not improve, we will provide you with an additional class/training session at no additional cost to you.
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