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Dan took our High School Boys Team from a middle-of-the-pack team to the top of our outdoor High-School-aged league and undefeated in indoor play. He is a dedicated and intelligent coach and has a great rapport with both the players and parents.
- Mike N.

I have never seen our daughter so happy to be a part of a team ever! You have taught her a tremendous amount about soccer, built up her confidence and shown her what a true coach should be like. Thank you for all that you have done for our daughter and the team.
- Jennifer G.

As you know our daughter was one of those girls ready to quit soccer ... until she heard you were coaching. And I can only tell you I believe she had more fun playing soccer this year than any year since she was back in the rec leagues. I thought she got better as a player under you, but perhaps more importantly, she really began to realize her responsibility to the team - and she was having such a blast in the process! Last year, after her last game, my wife and I heard her talking to a friend on the phone saying, "I'm so happy I just played my last soccer game." This year, for the past month, she's already talked so excitedly about expanding to 11 v 11 next year. You helped her rediscover her love for the game. When you cite those past records and what this team has done ... it is all an extension of you. Thank you so much for all you do. As a parent it's a privilege and a pleasure to hand our daughter off to you for a few hours a week.
- Roger H.

Our son began playing club soccer with Dan Baccarini two years ago. Over the past two years we have watched him go from being self conscious to self confident. He has thrived under Dan's instruction!
- Art D.

Two of my children were fortunate enough to have Dan as their soccer coach this past year. Having just moved from out-of-state, Dan was an integral part of their successful transition to the area due to the positive experiences they had on their respective teams under his direction. His organizational and communicative skills are impeccable. Dan is holistic in his approach, not only providing feedback to improve individual player skills, but also addressing proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep. He is by far the best coach any of my children have ever had. I am very grateful to him for all he has done.
- Katie S.

I assisted Dan for one season of U12 club soccer. I've coached for many years in various sports and have always found that a major factor for successful coaching is adequate preparation. Dan also
understands the criticallity of preparation and his training clearly illustrates this. He had a plan for the entire year that was supported by detailed training sessions that focused on tactics and team strategies with a strong emphasis on technical skills too. The results may have surprised some - he took over a team that had finished last the prior year and they vaulted to first place - but it really shouldn't have since he provided an optimum environment for player and team improvement.
- Jeff H.

My Son , 15yrs old, has played soccer for Dan for the past few years. I have seen a positive change in my son and the way he acts on and off the field. Dan taught my son how to have fun with the game and still improve his skills with the training they did. Dan’s positive approach to teaching the boys about the game on and off the field will be missed.
- Kay P.

We’ve had the pleasure to be acquainted with Dan Baccarini for several years, and so already knew him to be a kind, considerate and involved member of our community. However, in the last two years, we’ve also had the opportunity to experience his generosity and caring as a soccer coach for our oldest daughter. It became evident from the first few weeks of practice that Dan’s priority was helping the girls acquire soccer AND life skills. He taught them to use their head -- their patience, eyes and brains -- as much as their feet. The confidence, sportsmanship and team focus he instilled in them are wonderful traits that our daughter can use both on and off the field.

While joy was certainly a hallmark of his training and coaching, he also employed a serious attitude when the moment required it. The girls respected that and responded positively, as any urgency he displayed was never demeaning, but only encouraging. Winning wasn’t the sole focus; it was playing well and enjoying it, too.

As a family, we’re united in our admiration and gratitude for Dan. Here’s what our daughter had to say about him: “Coach Dan to me is more than a soccer coach, he’s also a player! He
teaches us through example. He can play the game as well as he can coach it! He taught my team in more than one way though, and the other way was comedy. He taught us to laugh at our mistakes, and not let them get in the way of our goals. He has had an amazing impact on my playing.”

We’re sad to be losing Dan as a coach, but we know that our daughter will benefit from the way he interacted with her for years to come. His thoughtful approach to coaching and life will be an asset to any team or program he becomes involved with. We certainly wish him all the best!
- Cathy H.

Dan provided a learning environment for the girls that far exceeded our expectations. Our daughter was ready to hang up her soccer cleats but the past year with Dan made her realize how much she truly loves the sport and how she is not ready to give up soccer after playing it since she was 4!! His ability to bring a group of girls together from different backgrounds and play as a one unit was amazing!
- Amy T.

Thanks for all of your hard work, effort and time that you put in this year. The state of the team was much, much worse this time last year. The progress from then to now was, to say the least, remarkable and frankly unimaginable. While obviously the girls deserve most of the credit, you deserve much recognition. Certainly winning is fun. But more importantly, I was impressed how much the girls on the team genuinely got along with each other and worked together as a team rather than a bunch of individuals. Frankly, I cannot even recall any moments of selfish play. The degree of commaradirie was the highlight of the year from my perspective.
- Tom B.
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